East West Resorts turned to LGM, a long time partner, to create a signature real estate model to anchor their new Snowmass Base Village sales center. The 4’ x 11’ model was constructed from more than 250 high detail SLA 3D printed parts placed on a digitally machined terrain with laser cut details. The buildings, plaza and ski slopes were airbrushed and hand painted. The new architecture was 3d printed from Autocad Revit files while existing buildings were modeled by LGM using CAD and on-site photographs. The model is lit by hundreds of digitally controlled LEDs and each new real estate unit can be individually illuminated. The Snowmass team is able to highlight offerings and guide conversations by controlling the lighting interactively from handheld tablets . LGM also worked with Denver-based Ideations to integrate the model into the display furniture as well as the entire Sales Center. This particular Sales-Model took LGM almost 4 months to complete with a total of over 1200 man hours involved.

The model is working beautifully for us. It is the perfect start to all conversations we have with prospects in [the] sales center.

Additional photos of the architectural units in this model can be found on the portfolio page HERE

If you would like to see similar models with custom lighting displays you may like the Western Development Group's -250 Columbine model, or the Ballston Quarter trade show model.

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