Exterior, Interior and Details

Revit makes it MUCH easier to make models to show specific things
It is more difficult to make a one size fits all model than two or more smaller ones
Make a larger scale model if you are trying to communicate something specific
Consider what you would show in a 2d rendering or detail


Models are more sculptural than literal
Single Material (usually)
Color is good for material definition
New materials  - no more basswood
Clear is difficult
Detail is easy
Iterations are very simple


4 S - What is different for AEC 3DP 

Most AEC models are “scale” models, 1/100 to 1/1000 of real world scale
Lines and planes have meaning in AEC CAD. They do not have meaning to a 3D printer
Most buildings are made up of hundreds of thousands of parts
Subjective Interpretation
Decisions need to be made about what and how to show objects


General Rules - Scale and Detail

At 1” = 8’ and larger:  interiors are feasible
The bigger the scale the less revisions will be necessary
Think about the purpose.  Is it necessary to show every room?
Are doors,  cabinetry and shelving  necessary? 

At 1” = 4’ interior furnishings are possible
At smaller scales

At 1” = 20’ and smaller:  “transparency” in human sized elements is largely not relevant
Railings can be solid extrusions
Interiors are almost impossible
Exterior details may clutter the model

At 1” =60’ and larger consider mass elements only


In Revit  Create a 3D View

Create a new 3d view for each model you want to create
You can create a browser view also to arrange them 

Using Visibility/Graphics

The STL export from Revit will export what is on the screen
Use the View->Properties->Visibility Graphic Override to turn off things that you do not want in your model
Once you have done it once, create a view template from the view


Export STL from AutoDesk Labs
Read the notes!  Read the blog!

Abstracting the Data for the 3D Printer

Aggh - I still have thin walls and thin windows
There are still thousands of shells
RESURFACE - Shrinkwrap
Or Boolean and weed. 

Color - Decide Objectively 

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