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Not Just Land Use Modeling

Land planning models have evolved over the years to encompass so much more than was depicted on prisma-colored vignettes.  You can now display the world in 4 dimensions and convey complex concepts in the blink of an eye.  

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a model showing the lapse of time for a mine reclamation is simply priceless.  Especially in a foreign country where the current landowners can not read.

We had great response to the design and the model from both the Town and the Residents. We took the small one to the site walk, and were able to clearly explain the layout by tying the story poles to the model. The larger model was quite impressive. Again, thank you all for cranking and helping us meet our deadline.

Narcis Tudor - Tommy Hein Architects


Types of Land Models - Whatever you are envisioning, LGM can bring it to life by combining state-of-the-art machining and the skilled hands of craftsmen.  
LGM has produced models of ore deposits, depicting the depth, quality and location of the deposits.  
We have done dozens of large scale residential developments, indication lot lines, golf courses, roadways, water retention, development phasing, ski access, bike paths, and more.
We are well known for amazing mountainous landforms, and we should be because LGM is located in a mountain valley surrounded by beautiful terrain.

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