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Developers often purchase a series of models from LGM because they are able to clearly and quickly convey their concepts along the process and avoid delays.  

We typically start with a large format, small scale, model to show context, extents and sell the idea.  Later models are often design iterations to aid client communication or inform investors.

Further along in the process we often pick up where the first model left off by updating the landform model with full color, high detail, models to represent the new design and start the sales process, or help tell the story to the town and public.

The final Sales model is a larger scale model showing the new design in vivid detail with less of the context.  The large format model and full color sales model often reside in the sales center to tell the whole story.

The model looked great and your technology was marveled at. "How did they do that?" I appreciate all of your coordination and effort towards this presentation. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again.

Keith Cerjan - Rockwell Consulting, Inc.

Sell Earlier in the Process - A local developer clarified why he continued to order one sales model model after the next, he was selling the spec homes before he spent a dime on construction.  The ends justified the means again and again and again.

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