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LGM opened its doors in 1998 offering laser cut terrain models to local architects.  As the demand for LGM’s services and products grew, so did the skilled staff and innovative technologies.  The owner and visionary, Charles Overy, built a 3 axis CNC mill in (1999) so that LGM could offer large format terrain models with integrated laser-cut, hand assembled architectural buildings.  The early laser-cut and hand-assembled models were beautiful, but took a tremendous amount of time to produce.  In an effort to find a faster turnaround for study models, LGM became an early adapter of 3D Print technology.  From that date forward, we have been pushing the envelope on the possibilities of 3D Printing for our architectural clients.  We currently run seven 3D printers, a large format CNC mill for terrain models, a commercial laser cutter/engraver, a vacu-form machine for producing custom textured plastics, proprietary materials and more.

Wow-you guys floored me today when the Baum model arrived! I've been creating virtual reality models for 15 years and have never been so excited. I can't wait to tell all my architect friends about LGM. I can't wait to show my client(s) your great work! Thanks so much -fantastic.

John R. - J Rider Design


Architectural Modeling Services - LGM is not known for saying “we can’t do that.”  We can, and have, taken napkin sketches through the 2D-3D process all the way to a physical model.  While we would prefer CAD files to work from, we will take whatever data you have and craft a model to suit your needs.

Early in the design process we can quickly deliver monochrome 3D prints depicting your design iterations for proof of concept.  Further along we can produce vignettes depicting particular design details that are under internal review or hard to convey to the client.  For communicating to the public we can produce a  virtual 3D model,more robust physical model, or set of renderings to describe context and relation or view corridors.  As the project design phase comes to a close, LGM can produce a sales model to sell the property before ever breaking ground.

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