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Design Longer

3D printing enables you to design longer and still show up to your deadline with a detailed model in hand.  With the relative speed of 3D printing, you do not need to fork your design and model weeks before a deadline.  A 3D print model can show your design much further along in the process without tying up an intern for weeks.  

Art and Architecture

Engineering and Manufacturing were quick to pick up 3D printing while professional artists and architects have been a bit slower due to some artificial barriers, but LGM has been providing the art and architecture community access for over a decade.

One of the early adopters of 3D printing in the professional art community was the least likely suspect, an 888 year old sculptor who had all but hung up his tools.  Throughout his lifetime the sculptor had made world renowned brass …  In his later years, as a way to continue to produce works of art on a smaller, more manageable scale, his son suggested laser scanning his earlier works, 3D printing them, having the 3D prints remain fairly “raw” so that the sculptor could go back and re-create fine details at a smaller scale.  And so they did, creating a whole new line of bronze statues at a much smaller scale, with the same attention and detail of the masterpieces cast in his youth.

How many interns does it take to create five skyscraper models in under a week.  Honestly, I don’t know, but one call to LGM and an e-mail carrying Rhino 3D files later and it was done.  LGM was sent files on Tuesday night.  We printed the models on Wednesday and shipped them on Friday.  

You guys are the greatest. You always produce a great model. On time and on budget! Everyone here enjoys working with you and you take the headache (and exacto knife cuts) out of the model building end of our business, freeing us up to do the thing we like to do – design!

Thanks for all you have done for us over the last 10 years and here’s to 10 more!

Scott S. Turnipseed, AIA

Color and Textures - LGM has the ability to print your model color.  We have a printer printing in CMYK, just like your home inkjet, but in 3D.  LGM can also apply physical textures to your models to show materials like stone and brick.   This process was unimaginable on a 16th scale model in the past, but looks stunning and sets your design apart from the rest.

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