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LGM appreciates than many designers and land planners like to do some of their work in house, but lack the facilities to produce accurate terrain forms.  If you need a terrain form for a design study or as a “working” model – we are more than happy to provide a “raw” form – that is: a terrain form machined from a low to medium density urethane foam with little or no finish work on it.

LGM has the ability to provide as little or as much detail as needed on a terrain form.  Conceptual terrain forms typically have limited detail with a limited color palette.

Full Color:
LGM can go as far as desired with coloring and texturing a terrain form.  We use high quality foam textures (often called “flock”) to reproduce existing conditions and/or new designs.  Details like poured resin for water, bushes and even flowers can be recreated.  

Cliffs-chromite-project-color-3d-print Maverick-lake-resort-model Pebble-mine-color-presentation-model-travel-case Temixco-zoning-development-model
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