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LGM offers a wide variety of ways to communicate your conceptual form in 3D.  From entitlements to client meetings to public critiques; from a single building to city blocks, LGM can provide a fast and cost effective way to visualize your design.


Low - Moderate


  • Design Review
  • Client Communication
  • Integration with Existing Model
  • Proposal


1”=8’, 1”=10’, 1”=16”
Up to 3’ x 4’


1 - 4 Weeks


$2,500 - $12,000

Composite Concept Models

Concept models are often larger than what can be produced in a single 3D print, especially if large amounts of terrain topography need to be shown.  LGM has a large format CNC mill that allows us to produce terrain forms as large as 4'x8'x12” high in a single piece!  LGM will typically integrate 3D printed buildings with CNC machined terrain forms – this is what we refer to as our “Composite Concept Models.”

Production Options:
LGM can laser cut, CNC machine, 3D Print and employ traditional hand assembly and painting, to produce the right model for your particular needs.  

For the base of the model we will often start with a custom cut Bamboo base that we can add laser cut flat-work to if there is no notable elevation change for the model, or we will CNC machine a high density foam block with your exact terrain form.  Both base options can be colored, textured, "planted", or even LED lit to your specifications.  

On the custom base we can begin to add your structures.  We can produce a single custom home or an entire city to meet your needs.  We can display exteriors, interiors, multiple iterations of a single building, removable city blocks and more.  You can select color or white buildings depending on your design intent.  We also offer the option to add surface textures to show building materials.  

Once the model is complete we will package it appropriately and have it delivered wherever you would like.

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