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While LGM's emphasis is on the AEC industry, our in house 3D printing capabilities allow us to serve almost any 3D Printing need.

LGM has six 3D Systems Zcorp printers on premises.  Four of our machines are set up to run in monochrome and have build envelopes of 10”x14”x8”tall.  Our color machine has a slightly larger build.

LGM also has SLA capacity with a newly acquired Form1.  This machine offers higher resolution than the Zcorp printers, but a lower cost than typical SLA printing.envelope at 10”x15”x8” tall.  All of our Zcorp printers run on the latest chemistry to insure the best possible print results.  We infiltrate with both cyanoacrylates and epoxy resins.

Is your 3D CAD print-ready?  LGM offers competitive rates on Zcorp 3D printing and other technologies.  With eight 3D printers in house, LGM has the capacity to run the biggest jobs.  LGM can provide both monochrome and color 3D printing.

RapidArch is LGM's fixed rate product for residential architectural models under 8,000 square feet.  Offered in a Basic and Deluxe level of details, RapidArch offers an easy way to price and order your model.  Prices include 2D to 3D conversion (from CAD drawings), interactive online proofing, a monochrome Zcorp print in a finished size of 10“x14”, a custom laser-engraved bamboo plaque, and a convenient carry box.  Typical scales include 1”=16' and 1”=20'.  Turnaround time is usually two weeks or less.  Contact us for more information.

Student Projects:
LGM offers discounted 3D printing rates for students.  Please contact us at plans@lgm3d.com for current rates.  For all other information regarding student project work please click HERE

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