Hart Howerton - Dalian Hotel

"These look fantastic! I’m happy the detail – window openings, roadways etc. came through in the model. These will be a great help in our..." - Rich Haskell
Michael Graves - Geneva Residence


Solaris - Sales Model

SA+R - Delgany Apartments

Design Workshop - White Clouds Residences


"The model is wonderful...we are all very happy with it. The new scale is just perfect and we can now see more detail in the building. Great job!" - Danny
Slifer Smith and Frampton - Eagle Ranch

Aspen Valley - Private Client

KHWebb-Color 3D printed private residence

Sewell Automotive Companies - Cadillac of Houston

Harrison Atelier - Water Mogul’s Mansion

RMT - Cypress

Diamante - Cabo San Lucas

Scheuber + Darden Architects - Amache Guard Tower

United States Air Force Memorial

Locati Architects - Yellowstone Club Slopeside Duplex

K.H. Webb Architects - Moores Ranch Lake House

Blast Deflector Inc. - Vancouver International Airport Ground Run Up Enclosure

Syracuse Inner Harbor

Locati Architects - MR2

Kevin B Howard Architects - Whalen Residence

Ranger Excavating - Agtek

"I love your work and we will be doing lots of business for many years!" - Jim Ivan
Vaishnava Seva Society - Temple

Saffari Residence

LED Lane Light

Glenwood Springs - Proposed HWY 82 Bridge Designs

Bob Varrin - Basic Terrain

Gideon Barnett - Bust of a Doctor

"The print looks incredible! I'm blown away!" - Gideon Barnet
Dale Garton - Desert Mountain Private Residence

Freiheit & Ho Architects - Seattle Washington

OZ Architecture - Fillmore St.

Locati Architects - Glenn Residence

Clutch Design Studio - Tower

Design Workshop - Temixco

Haverland Carter - Neighborhood at Rancho Rio

Jacobsen Architecture - Painted 3D Print

"YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!  Will definitely be using you again. " - Richard Cho
3D Printed Terrain with a Surface Texture Map

D.H. Ruggles & Associates - Cherry Hills Private Residence

Central Denver Ironworks - Kiosk

ThreeSixty Architecture - Atlanta Falcons Stadium

Gensler - Intuit Campus

Mark F. Hoerner & Associates Inc. - Spina Residence

Burdge & Associates Architects - Cantinas Creek