Hart Howerton - Dalian Hotel

"These look fantastic! I’m happy the detail – window openings, roadways etc. came through in the model. These will be a great help in our..." - Rich Haskell
SA+R - Delgany Apartments

Solaris - Sales Model

Haverland Carter - Neighborhood at Rancho Rio

Michael Graves - Geneva Residence

3D Printed Terrain with a Surface Texture Map

Harrison Atelier - Water Mogul’s Mansion

Diamante - Cabo San Lucas

Gideon Barnett - Bust of a Doctor

"The print looks incredible! I'm blown away!" - Gideon Barnet
D.H. Ruggles & Associates - Cherry Hills Private Residence

Syracuse Inner Harbor

Slifer Smith and Frampton - Eagle Ranch

Freiheit & Ho Architects - Seattle Washington

Aspen Valley - Private Client

Vaishnava Seva Society - Temple

Scheuber + Darden Architects - Amache Guard Tower

Gensler - Intuit Campus

Sewell Automotive Companies - Cadillac of Houston

Bob Varrin - Basic Terrain

Dale Garton - Desert Mountain Private Residence

Kevin B Howard Architects - Whalen Residence

Blast Deflector Inc. - Vancouver International Airport Ground Run Up Enclosure

RMT - Cypress

KHWebb-Color 3D printed private residence

Saffari Residence

K.H. Webb Architects - Moores Ranch Lake House

Burdge & Associates Architects - Cantinas Creek

Central Denver Ironworks - Kiosk

Locati Architects - MR2

United States Air Force Memorial


LED Lane Light

OZ Architecture - Fillmore St.

Design Workshop - Temixco

Glenwood Springs - Proposed HWY 82 Bridge Designs

Locati Architects - Yellowstone Club Slopeside Duplex

ThreeSixty Architecture - Atlanta Falcons Stadium

Jacobsen Architecture - Painted 3D Print

"YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!  Will definitely be using you again. " - Richard Cho

"The model is wonderful...we are all very happy with it. The new scale is just perfect and we can now see more detail in the building. Great job!" - Danny
Clutch Design Studio - Tower

Ranger Excavating - Agtek

"I love your work and we will be doing lots of business for many years!" - Jim Ivan
Design Workshop - White Clouds Residences

Locati Architects - Glenn Residence

Mark F. Hoerner & Associates Inc. - Spina Residence