Hitch Rack Ranch Quarry

Clutch Design Studio - Tower

Berglund Architects - Custom Residence

Click Point Ranch - Curt Gowdy State Park

"It was great working with you and your team. Thanks for the excellent work and attention to details." - Dennis Henry
Carolina Coast Surgical Center

Arup - United States Air Force Memorial

Northstar Lodge Hayatt Residence Club

Residential 3D Print

Chilmark House

Sewell BMW Dealership

Robinette Architects Inc. - Residential 3D Print

Vaishnava Seva Society - Temple

SA+R - Delgany Apartments

Arup - Pedregal

"The pics look excellent and we’re excited to show off the model in the office! " - Chris Ariyaratana
Wolfsonian - Bust of a Doctor

"The print looks incredible! I'm blown away!" - Gideon Barnet
Vail Valley Medical Center

Locati Architects - MR2

The SLAM Collaborative - full color appartments

Clemson University: West Campus Chiller Facility

Burdge & Associates Architects - Cantinas Creek

Minturn Public Restrooms

Saffari Residence

Aspen Valley - Private Client

Denver Water

RMT - Cypress

Freeman Kennet Architects - HKGM Dentistry

Locati Architects - Yellowstone Club Slopeside Duplex

Damage Control Advance Trainer

Locati Architects - Glenn Residence

Pasabahce Neighborhood

Drahi Estate

Haraka Residence

"Haraka looks great. It was god working with you and hopefully we can do some work in the future also." - Sam Jeffus - Platt Architecture
Kevin B Howard Architects - Whalen Residence

UHS Henderson Hospital

Glenwood Springs - Proposed HWY 82 Bridge Designs

Design Workshop - White Clouds Residences

Gensler - Intuit Campus

Harrison Atelier - Water Mogul’s Mansion

309 Tamalpais Ave

Student Projects Spring 2014

University of Texas Chapel

Vail Information Center

Projector Characterization

OZ Architecture - Fillmore St.

Architectural Renderings

Bob Varrin - Basic Terrain

Atelier One Limited - Hillside Residence

Vail Mountain Coffee Table

"(We) are thrilled with what Charles and the LGM crew created for us.  It's beautiful and unique." - Private
Western Development Group - 250 Columbine

D.H. Ruggles & Associates - Cherry Hills Private Residence

IIHS - Promotional Giveaway Sample Kit

"These are absolutely amazing!!! I can’t wait to show them off." - Steve Ewens
Solaris - Sales Model

Dale Garton - Desert Mountain Private Residence

Ski and Snowboard Club Vail

Charlotte Square

"I want to say you did a great job on the model, we are very happy with it. Thank You." - Gary Ferg - Home Leasing LLC
KHWebb-Color 3D printed private residence

Blast Deflector Inc. - Vancouver International Airport Ground Run Up Enclosure

Residential Quarter Scale Model

"We received the model this afternoon, took it out of the box and assembled it. It’s stunning." - Jacobson Architecture
Presidential City

COR Development - Syracuse Inner Harbor

LED Lane Light

Telluride Colorado Residential Model


Venus 6

"I’m pleased with these - you did such a beautiful job on the surface. Thanks so much for your effort." - Kim Thoman
Berglund - p l a n - Four Seasons

Henderson Hospital

Secrecy of the Void

"The model arrived and it looks beautiful. Everything is so great and I'm ecstatic. The color has not turned off white and I am so so pleased.   This is my thesis project and I'm graduating in 16 days. I'm so proud to show off my model at the thesis presentation.  I want to thank Ian, Jason and everyone else at LGM for taking such good care of my project. You guys are the best! Thank you guys!!!! Best, Manori  " - Manori Sumanasinghe
Sewell Automotive Companies - Cadillac of Houston

Hart Howerton - Dalian Hotel

"These look fantastic! I’m happy the detail – window openings, roadways etc. came through in the model. These will be a great help in our..." - Rich Haskell
Hafer Associates - Hospice House

K.H. Webb Architects - Moores Ranch Lake House

HOK - Miami Dolphins Quad

"It arrived in perfect condition. It looks great. It was larger than we were expecting [in a good way] and it’s very impressive." - Jeff Davis
Mark F. Hoerner & Associates Inc. - Spina Residence

Michael Graves - Geneva Residence


Diamante - Cabo San Lucas


"The model is wonderful...we are all very happy with it. The new scale is just perfect and we can now see more detail in the building. Great job!" - Danny
122 & 142 E. Reds Road

"Thank you for turning the model around so quickly, it has been a pleasure working with your team." - Rowland and Broughton
Kevin Zarabi - 6 Aspen Gate, Plandome Manor

Freiheit & Ho Architects - Seattle Washington

Tower Construction Feasibility

"Everyone loves it!" - Chris Kalmbach - Hensel Phelps
Albertville Valley Mine

ThreeSixty Architecture - Atlanta Falcons Stadium

Schneider Electric - Prefabricated Data, Power and Cooling Modules

Rocky Mountain PBS

George A. Weiss Pavilion

Haverland Carter - Neighborhood at Rancho Rio

Central Denver Ironworks - Kiosk

Slifer Smith and Frampton - Eagle Ranch

Sandyland Cove

VAg - Strawberry Park

Nelson Partners - Emaar Square

RNL - Denver Water Design Competition

Design Workshop - Temixco

Taos Ski Valley Base Area

The Stages at Northstar

"IT arrived today and IT is FABULOUS! Arrived in great shape and eager to get it on display. Terrific job!" - Keith D. Vogt, President of Tahoe Regional Arts Foundation
Jacobsen Architecture - Painted 3D Print

"YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!  Will definitely be using you again. " - Richard Cho
360 Architects - Miami Dolphins Stadium

"The model was a success. They immediately got out their iphones, turned on the flashlight and acted like it was the sun. the whole meeting they were playing with them, switching out the options, and engaging the model. Just want we wanted." - Jeff Davis
Hyatt Grand Aspen

Scheuber + Darden Architects - Amache Guard Tower

CNC machined topography model with color overlay Architectural model with color brick texture 3D Printed sales model with lighting Color 3d printed apartments with trees The elevation of the BMW dealership 3d printed 3d print of a residence in mountain setting Albertville valley mine reclamation larger scale 3d print of the Henderson Hospital set in to a CNC machined base 3d ski map of vail 3d print with texture and color sketchup photo overlay model 1 to 12 scale 3d print model of a home and ski slope 3d printed stepped contour model in black and clear plastic Color architecture model Twelve model and plaque variations 3d print architecture Architectural stadium model Henderson Hospital architectural model sculptural artwork made with a 3d printer 3d printed model with brick texture Quarter scale take-apart residential model, 3D printed from ArchiCAD geometry. The window details were laser cut and integrated with the building 3D prints. The site was CNC machined to accept the 3D prints. residential study model Platt Architecture 3d print detail 2015 Americas Best Restroom Remodable roof 3d print model Clemson University Chiller Facility 3D Print Overview of Yellowstone Club Base Area Design Architectural color 3d print model Architectural model with planting plan Architectural 3d print brick texture SketchUp Architectural 3D Print Taos Architectural 3D Print Model Four Seasons Real Estate Model Architectural 3D Print of Ski and Snowboard Club Vail 3D Printed Building integrated in to a stepped milled base Architectural 3D Print of a home with material textures Half Scale Model Lighting Structural 3d print of a tower George A. Weiss Pavilion 3D Printed Facade Newest Miami Dolphins Stadium Model 3D State Park Map with LED display Architectural Sales Model in Denver Colorado 3D Print from Hand Drawings 3D Print Model Architectural 3D Print Model Architectural Rendering Secrecy of the Void Model RNL 3D Print Model 3D Print of Hotel Model Gensler Intuit Campus 3D Print Model rmt architectural 3d print take apart model Syracuse inner harbor communication model High Resolution Terrain Model of Mountain Valey Early Phase 3D Print Study Model Residential Architectural Rendering 3D Printed model of proposed Apartment Complex RNL START Architectural Competition Model 3D Printing Downtown Seattle Full Color Architectural model for Neighborhood Sales Center 3D Printed Context Model of Falcons Stadium Brick Textured 3D Print Model Color 3D Print of Proposed Residence AGTEC Color 3D Print Wolfsonian FIU Bust 3D Print Model 3D Printed House on CNC Milled Base 3D Print of a Temple Full Color Overlay on CNC Machined 3D Landform Model Color 3D Prints on Milled Base to Show Design Options Monochrome 3D Printed Buildings with Colored Base and Trees 3D Print of Cadillac Dealership Building with Interior Residential Color 3D Print Model 3D Print of Tower Design Digital Proof of Terrain Model before Milling Architectural 3D Print from SketchUp Model 2 3D Prints Designs Side by Side 3D Printed Building on White Terrain Form Residential 3D Print Model Multiple 3D Prints of a home set in to Milled Terrain Form a Single 3D Print of a Home mounted to a Plyboo Plaque LED Lit Lane Indicators Full Color Trade Show Display Model with LED Lighting Water Mogul 3D Print Model Colorado Department of Transportation Bridge Models Color Sales Model for Coastal Golf Course Development Custom Cherry Hills Residence 3D Printed Home with Stone Texture Large Scale Residential Development Model Hand Painted 3D Print of a Historic Tower 3D Print of a proposed Mid-rise building