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Rowland and Broughton |

Thank you for turning the model around so quickly, it has been a pleasure working with your team.

Chris Ariyaratana | Arup

The pics look excellent and we’re excited to show off the model in the office! 

Jeff Davis | 360 Architects

The model was a success. They immediately got out their iphones, turned on the flashlight and acted like it was the sun. the whole meeting they were playing with them, switching out the options, and engaging the model. Just want we wanted.

Dennis Henry | Click Point Ranch

It was great working with you and your team. Thanks for the excellent work and attention to details.

Manori Sumanasinghe | Student SCI-ARC

The model arrived and it looks beautiful. Everything is so great and I'm ecstatic. The color has not turned off white and I am so so pleased.   This is my thesis project and I'm graduating in 16 days. I'm so proud to show off my model at the thesis presentation.  I want to thank Ian, Jason and everyone else at LGM for taking such good care of my project. You guys are the best!

Thank you guys!!!!

Vincent Schell | HOK

I came to know about LGM through meeting Charles at the APMM conference 2008 and being impressed by his knowledge counterbalanced with his relaxed but let’s do something about it attitude.  I believe my first impression of LGM and the team was similar, relaxed, positive and confident in getting it done.  Their expertise seems to be rightfully tailored to understanding larger firm’s need for expediency or bringing about the desired result under the current circumstances. 

LGM for me does what some reprographic service providers don’t do at all, they communicate freely, without the notion that LGM is always the right answer for you.  Although this can/will be difficult to sell/market, LGM is a group I can trust their honest opinion whether it brings them a sale or not.  In addition, the team is knowledgeable in the translation of data across several ungainly software/platforms, confident a solution can be reached or at least tried or guided elsewhere, and intuitive enough to understand the appropriate level detail reasonable in response to the data received and timing needed.

As clearly indicated above, I’m impressed with LGM and they’re current level of service. The fact that I can have a ½ hour interaction for print files of which won’t be printed by LGM is a service I’m not sure that is available much anywhere else.  And although it may not be the most profitable or desirable work, it continues our relationship and reminds me of their dedication to getting it done, bringing me back to LGM when I need their full services.

Also, I learned this year of the availability of adding texture to building facades through the a “texture stamp” method which through a line dwg can be either recessed or raised on surface without the need for modeling it in 3D in the software.  This is/could be REALLY useful.  


Lauren Ford | k.h.webb architects.p c

As a high-end custom residential Architecture firm, my co-workers and I come across the need for realistic, quality scale models often.  Our office has researched many model shops throughout the country and we have even considered trying to build models in-house.  In every case we end up going with the best option which is always LGM.  Everyone at LGM has an extensive understanding of the software we typically use and the quality and appearance our clients expect.  They pay a great attention to detail and are proactive when something is amiss.  They are always willing to try anything we ask of them and work extra hours to help us meet our deadlines.  Over the years they have provided us with innovative ideas and options including material textures, realistic landscaping/ color, and even interactive models divided into multiple removable sections.  All of these tools have helped us communicate better with our clients as well as the communities they live in.  In terms of customer service, LGM is on the ball.  They are always wanting and willing to make it right and this is why we happily use them on every project.

Danny | RNL

The model is wonderful...we are all very happy with it. The new scale is just perfect and we can now see more detail in the building.

Great job!

Rich Haskell | HART HOWERTON

These look fantastic! I’m happy the detail – window openings, roadways etc. came through in the model. These will be a great help in our presentation.

Scott | Scott S. Turnipseed, AIA

You guys are the greatest. You always produce a great model. On time and on budget! Everyone here enjoys working with you and you take the headache (and exacto knife cuts) out of the model building end of our business, freeing us up to do the thing we like to do – design!

Thanks for all you have done for us over the last 10 years and here’s to 10 more!

Sean Rowe | Interdesign Architects

... I've been working with Patrick and Ian throughout this process and they have been the best I've ever worked with. I've consulted with them many times about these models because it is a new process for me. They've assisted me in every case and really helped me develop the models. I really appreciate their time and effort throughout this project. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

Narcis Tudor | Tommy Hein Architects

We had great response to the design and the model from both the Town and the Residents. We took the small one to the site walk, and were able to clearly explain the layout by tying the story poles to the model. The larger model was quite impressive. Anyways, we are meeting again the middle of August for final approval. Again, thank you all for cranking and helping us meet our deadline.

Till next time..

Erik | OMC Architects

I just wanted to let you know that the model you produced for me was very well received at the HARC meeting last night. We walked out with approval and I believe that your model was instrumental in that.  My client is a developer in Telluride and was so happy with the model and the results at the meeting that she said we will now be doing this sort of model for all of our houses.  So, good work and thank you for your prompt service.

Steve | Sall Residential Design Group, Inc.

I want to say you did a great job on the model, especially with the time constraint! ... The meeting went well...

Thanks again for doing such a nice job!

-John R. | J Rider Design

Wow-you guys floored me today when the Baum model arrived! I've been creating virtual reality models for 15 years and have never been so excited. I can't wait to tell all my architect friends about LGM. I can't wait to show my client(s) your great work! Thanks so much-fantastic.

Gideon Barnet | Anthony Bosh Bust

The print looks incredible! I'm blown away!

Bob | Lundell Architects & Associates

The model was great! Helped us to gain final review board approval and gave the owner their first essential '3D' look. Great Job and thanks again!

Richard Cho | Jacobson Architecture LLC


Will definitely be using you again. 

Jim Ivan | Ranger Excavating

I love your work and we will be doing lots of business for many years!

Lundell Architects & Associates | Lundell Architects & Associates

The model was great! Helped us to gain final review board approval and gave the owner their first essential '3D' look. Great Job and thanks again!

Jason Dunkerton | Centre Sky Architecture

... we received the models and they look GREAT! Thanks so much for your work on this project. The client is very pleased as well.

Tom | Habitat for Humanity

Thank you ALL so much for your generous assistance to our organization! .... The model was a big hit at the event and will continue to be of great value, as we proceed with our development of Fox Hollow. Your Contribution is greatly appreciated!

Grundfos | Grundfos


Snowmass Base Village | East West Partners

The model is working beautifully for us. It is the perfect start to all conversations we have with prospects in [the] sales center.

Gregg Bergmiller |

Thank you for a great job under pressure of a tight time frame with a complicated last minute change

Carmen | Forest City

ICSC started about two hours ago and I've already reviewed dozens of rave reviews on the model, some of the best comments coming from members of our executive team. It's very impressive and showcases Ballston as the star of the Forest City booth.

Private | Vail Mountain Coffee Table

(We) are thrilled with what Charles and the LGM crew created for us.  It's beautiful and unique.

David Rychlowski, SB Architects | SB Architects

THIS IS FANTASTIC! LGM never ceases to amaze me! Great effort, we really appreciate it! The model was very well received, great job.

Gary Ferg - Home Leasing LLC |

I want to say you did a great job on the model, we are very happy with it. Thank You.

Keith D. Vogt, President of Tahoe Regional Arts Foundation |

IT arrived today and IT is FABULOUS! Arrived in great shape and eager to get it on display. Terrific job!

Steve Ewens |

These are absolutely amazing!!! I can’t wait to show them off.

Jeff Davis | HOK

It arrived in perfect condition. It looks great. It was larger than we were expecting [in a good way] and it’s very impressive.

Chris Kalmbach - Hensel Phelps | Hensel Phelps

Everyone loves it!

Jeff Davis - HOK | HOK

It arrived in perfect condition. It looks great. I was going to let you know later today that everything came out ok.  It was larger than we were expecting [in a good way] and it’s very impressive.

Aaron Harceck - RNL Design |

We received the model yesterday and it was well received. We presented to the client today and they decided that they want to hold on to it for the time being – so good reception. Thank you for your work on it!

Kim Thoman |

I’m pleased with these - you did such a beautiful job on the surface. Thanks so much for your effort.

Jacobson Architecture | Jacobson Architecture

We received the model this afternoon, took it out of the box and assembled it. It’s stunning.

Sam Jeffus - Platt Architecture | Platt Architecture

Haraka looks great. It was god working with you and hopefully we can do some work in the future also.

Chris Kalmbach | Hensel Phelps

Everyone loves it!

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