Our Green Commitment

LGM is committed to being a leader in every aspect of our operations.

Like our experience with 3d Printing, Renewable energy is are nothing new to LGM. We had been buying wind power "credits" for about 8 years in our old location. When we moved to our new facility three years ago, we decided that rather than just buy "green credits or tags," we needed to make a real effort at renewables.

LGM is powered in part by a 8.3Kw PV solar array. This makes a significant offset to our net carbon emissions.

Our Panel system was designed and installed by Gridfeeders (www.gridfeeders.com) and uses 40 SunPower 515 PV Modules and 2 SunPower 5000W Inverters.

..the bottom line is that saving civilization is not a spectator sport. We all have to get involved..

 Lester Brown - Founder, World Watch Institute

In addition, we continue to move to green products and actively investigate others.

One success was our move to PlyBoo (www.plyboo.com) for most of our base and plywood needs. While more expensive, Plyboo is made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo. It can be more easily cut than our previous phenolic material and it is offers excellent dimensional stability for its weight.

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