• What data do I need to provide for my model to start progress?

    To begin work on your project, we need a complete set of plans and elevations of your building(s), as well as a detailed site plan with building footprints and spot elevations drawn. This is just the basic set of data that we need, depending upon your project's specs we may need other information that we will specify at time of quote.

  • What file types can I submit?

    LGM can accept almost all CAD file formats. We commonly accept .dwg, .dxf, .rvt, .skp, .fmz, .3ds, .stl, .wrl, .vrml, .3dm, and .obj. We are experts at CAD file conversion, do not hesitate to send us whatever file format you are working with.

  • Can you work from PDF’s?

    We love PDF for a proofing and communication and are happy to quote from PDF. However, for model production it is not the most efficient format. We need access to the actual lines, layers, and geometry that you have drawn. PDF abstracts this information. We very much prefer to have a high level CAD format like DWG.

  • How can I pay for my model?

    LGM can accept Visa/Mastercard, as well as checks. To view our billing information page, click here

  • I use an Apple Macintosh, can I still upload files to you?

    Yes. The browser upload should work fine with Safari. If you would like to use an FTP please contact help@lgm3d.com for an FTP account. Then:

    go to the **Finder*.*

    Select the **GO** menu

    At the bottom of that menu select **connect to server*

    At the bottom of the Connect to Server window at /address/ type


    then click *Connect*

    When the authentication window comes up

    enter your username and password provided by LGM.

    There is a more detailed tutorial at: www.creativemac.com/2002/09_sep/tutorials/ftposx020924.htm

    You can also use a more robust external FTP client. We reccomend Cyberduck. cyberduck.ch

  • How do I send Files to you?

    There are a number of ways you can send digital data to us.

    1) Email: Our email system handles files up to 30 Meg. This is pretty large for most projects except Revit files. Please send files as an email attachment to plans@lgm3d.com

    2) File upload. You can upload via your web-browser. Please go to LGM's File Upload. You need to fill out the Project Name field. Then browse to the file you want to upload. If you are uploading multiple files you can put them in a compressed folder or zip them then upload the single file, this will save you some time. Please note that there may or may not be an indication of the upload progress depending upon your browser. Please do not browse away from the window until you get a confirmation that the upload is successful. This may take some time if your files are large or the connection is slow.

    3) FTP. We are happy to open an FTP account on our servers for you. Please contact help@lgm3d.com for assistance.

    4) You can send a disk to LGM, 500 Pine st, Box 10, Minturn, CO 81645

    5) Some of our clients use 3rd party solutions like Dropbox, Google Drive, Uploadthingy; these are all fine solutions and you can email the link to plans@lgm3d.com

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