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LGM is the premier resource for visualization & modeling solutions for the architecture, engineering and development industries.  We provide unique, proprietary, state-of-the-art products, tools and services to our clients.  In doing so we hope that our clients may more quickly, effectively and dramatically design, build and market products for their clients.

Our craftsmen collaborate with clients throughout their project cycles as team members to ensure the highest quality final results.  Whether providing consultation, electronic file conversions and development, rapid prototypes or fully-developed large scale models, we strive to meet every client's needs in a time-efficient manner.

The model was great! Helped us to gain final review board approval and gave the owner their first essential '3D' look. Great Job and thanks again!

-Bob, Lundell Architects & Associates


Technology Leveraged Company - LGM has invested in the latest tools and technology including rapid prototyping, CNC milling and laser cutting

Accurate, Fast, and Flexible - combining the latest technology with a highly qualified group of craftsmen gives us the ability to provide our clients with the fastest, most accurate, flexible and cost effective visualization products available

Collaborative - LGM works with the client to aid in the design process, working towards better communication of the design intentions to both designers and the general public

Integrated Services - LGM is able to offer greater cost savings and a more accurate product than a traditional model shop by utilizing our technologies with better integration into the design and development process

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Our Green Commitment - Like our experience with 3d Printing, Renewable energy is are nothing new to LGM. We had been buying wind power "credits" for about 8 years in our old location. When we moved to our new facility three years ago, we decided that rather than just buy "green credits or tags," we needed to make a real effort at renewables.

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