CAD Solutions



LGM is the premier resource for 3D printing SketchUp Models. Through the use of our in-house modeling techniques and our proprietary software, CADspan, we can take your SketchUp surface model and make it into a printable solid. If you have a 3D printer and just want a printable file from a SketchUp model, see  If you would like your SketchUp file printed without any hassle, get a quote.


LGM can use your FormZ data to produce models. FormZ now exports .zpr files, which can be used to create 3D prints on our Z Corporation machines. If you have a design or terrain already modeled in FormZ, just send us your .fmz file .


AGTEK can now be used to create physical models quickly and easily.
    • Ideal for client and design review meetings.
    • Quickly and clearly communicate your designs.
    • Present up to date information.
Models are made using a 3D printer driven from your AGTEK data file. 3D printing is an automated process that creates a physical model in color. The model is constructed from hundreds of paper thin layers of a special plaster compound. AGTEK's unique cut and fill colors are added to the layers as the model is built. Contours and line-work are included on the surface of the model. For more information, see:

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