CAD Solutions


REVIT -As Revit has become the standard CAD platform for many AEC professionals, LGM has fine-tuned the process of adapting those files to the 3D printing process.  LGM is the the fastest and easiest way to 3D print Revit models directly from your native Revit file.

SketchUp - LGM is the premier resource for 3D printing SketchUp Models. Through the use of our in-house modeling techniques and our proprietary software, CADspan, we can take your SketchUp surface model and make it into a printable solid. If you have a 3D printer and just want a printable file from a SketchUp model, see  If you would like your SketchUp file printed without any hassle, get a quote.

Rhino - Rhinoceros is an incredibly powerful tool for 3D modeling and 3D printing.  LGM can work directly from your native Rhino file and adapt it to the 3D printing process, both in monochrome and color.  Rhino files can be directly imported into Materialise Magics for an even more streamlined 3D printing workflow.  Rhino has become an integral tool in LGM's software collection

FormZ - LGM can use your FormZ data to produce models. FormZ now exports .zpr files, which can be used to create 3D prints on our Z Corporation machines. If you have a design or terrain already modeled in FormZ, just send us your .fmz file.

AGTEK can now be used to create physical models quickly and easily.
    • Ideal for client and design review meetings.
    • Quickly and clearly communicate your designs.
    • Present up to date information.
Models are made using a 3D printer driven from your AGTEK data file. 3D printing is an automated process that creates a physical model in color. The model is constructed from hundreds of paper thin layers of a special plaster compound. AGTEK's unique cut and fill colors are added to the layers as the model is built. Contours and line-work are included on the surface of the model. For more information, see:

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