Thin Tapered Surfaces and Sharp Points

Posted by LGM | Tuesday, May 13th

LGM has seen a large number of models submitted with areas that taper to sharp points and feather edges.  We take tremendous care with your work and have received very good feedback from the students we have worked with, however, we can guarantee that thin tapered surfaces WILL break and chip.  While computers can create a wall that tapers to a razors edge, this is an uncommon feature in buildings because they are prone to breakage at real world scale.  Any surface that tapers below 0.02" will come out rough or broken.  If you can adjust those surfaces in a way that best represents your design, you will ultimately enjoy the delivered model more.  LGM can also augment the geometry to add thickness, but we do not have nearly the same familiarity you have with the design or design intent.  

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