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Jacobsen Architecture - Large scale residential take-apart model

Posted by LGM | Friday, August 14th

Assembling multiple 3d prints of a house

This quarter scale, take-apart residential model was 3D printed from ArchiCAD geometry. The window details were laser cut from a white plastic for higher accuracy and resolution. The site was CNC machined on LGM's large mill from a high density foam.  The milled terrain was pocketed to accept the 3d printed building parts.

Additional images can be found on the portfolio page here.

When planning for a large take-apart model there are a few challenges that are best addressed in the drafting stage to insure the highest quality output.  
The first is to understand and address the interior of the model.  Unlike smaller scale, exterior only, models, take-apart models must address the thickness and solidity of the interior walls and components.  Larger scale models can display smaller details, but many smaller scale architectural details, such as a faucet or cabinet hardware, need to be omitted.  Segregating non-printable items on particular layers during the drafting phase will save a...

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