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Kim Thoman’s Venus 6 - 3D printed sculpture

Posted by LGM | Wednesday, August 12th

Venus 6 3d printed sculpture

LGM worked with artist Kim Thoman to produce her color 3D printed sculptures. Kim provided the geometry and texture maps, while LGM prepared the file which included splitting it to fit within the printer build envelope. Final assembly and finish work required extra sanding to produce a very smooth surface on the completed piece.

From Kim's website: 

Venus Series: Diptychs and Triptychs - In this series, I engage the concept of duality by creating diptychs and triptychs that juxtapose panels that are digitally created with panels that are traditional oil paintings. The Venus shape on the computer-generated panel is digitally textured with my scanned paintings. These electronically created panels are a more intellectual process that I contrast with an intuitive mark-making energy on the oil-painted panels. 

See Kim's work at:

See Kim's work in our portfolio

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