Colors, Images, and Finish

Posted by LGM | Wednesday, May 14th

Colors: There will be a variance in the final part color compared to what you have in the CAD model in a color 3D print.  This is an unfortunate by product of the color printing process.  We cannot match colors exactly.

White: On a color model, any parts that are white will not a be a bright, stark "copy paper" white.  The white areas will have a slight yellow hue to them.  This is primarily due to the epoxy infiltrant.  On smaller parts, we use a CA infiltrant that does not have the yellow hint.

Bitmap Resolution: It has been our experience, that no matter how a color part is mapped, the process to get it print ready will decrease the overall image resolution.  For smaller parts, the bitmap images look fine.  On larger parts, the images tend to look more pixelated.  Please keep this in mind.

Clear coating:  If you have a color part, you can clear coat it with Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic.  A few coats of the gloss are required to make your part have a glossy finish.  Even though the final parts have been infiltrated with an epoxy, they are still somewhat porous, so they will soak up the first few layers of clear coat.

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