3DEFY-2D Photo to 3D Print

Posted by LGM | Monday, September 23rd



3DEFY is an online photo Sculpting tool that lets you add 3D effects to a 2D photo.  They also offer the option to take it to the next level by viewing in 3D on your computer moniter with their 3D glasses, and even a step further by printing your 3D picture, in color, on a 3D printer.


If you edit photos as a hobbiest or professional, 3DEFY gives you an additional tool to play with.  


3DEFY does three things.

1) They allow you to augment a 2D photograph with real 3D effects.

2) the can project images in sterio on your moniter so that, with the aid of a pair of glasses you buy from them, you can view images in true 3D.

3) They allow you to download an X3D file of your augmented photo so that you can have it printed on a 3D printer.  They charge for the file download, presumeably due to the cost they must have sunk in to developing the output algorythms that generate a single water tite solid from the 2d file.

You can see the above image that I attempted to alter.  It is a neat concept, but why would I want to do this?  

-I can see professional photographers getting the hang of 3DEFY and knowing what photo to take and how to take it in order to make the process of 3DEFYing it easy and have a great output.  For a pro, this could provide an additional product to offer and could catch the interest of a few additional clients as a result of having the newest flashy thing.  

-For the hobbiest, I really see the whole "I love my pet so much I want a 3D print of him/her" or baby photos or wedding photos driving the bulk of the business.  Why?  Well it takes time to process one of these images, and I suspect it would take a lot of time to do a really spectacular job of it.  If you view the tutorial you can see that the 3DEFY guys have the process down and can roll right through a picture, so it is possible to get faster at this, just like any 3D CAD, but they have selected a near perfect image with just the right background and subject.  If you want to give it a go, select an image with a single subject and a plain background, or one that is far away and blury.  This will give you the best result in the least time.

I will; have to download my file, print it and provide the before and after for a real review of their offering.

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