3D Files For Sale

LGM has created a series of 3D Printable libraries for you to download and use in your models.
Each part is a single shell and has been test printed and proven to run at their specified scale.
The libraries are scaled to relevent Architectural scales.  Please contact us if you need a custom scale.
40th Scale  1"=40'  1:480     16th Scale  1"=16'  1:192     10th Scale  1"=10'  1:120     8th Scale    1"=8'    1:96

Scale People

Each figure in this library have been posed to enable proper printing.  These people can add life and scale reference to your models.

16th  Buy now

Scale Vehicles

Vehicles can create a sense of life and movement in architectural models.
The 8th and 10th scale models have been hollowed to save on material.

8th Buy now 10th Buy now 16th Buy now



40th Buy now

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